Orange County Drive Safely Ride Safely Videos

Bicycle Safety Videos from other sources

Video club members at Cedar Ridge High School under the direction of Andrea DeGette with the assistance of Jim Fink and other professionals produced these four outstanding videos during the 2018 spring semester.

Drive Safely Ride Safely: Emergency Vehicles
Drive Safely Ride Safely: Four foot Passing Laws
Drive Safely Ride Safely: Safely Facilitating Passing
Courteous Cycling – Establishing appropriate framing and expectations official-logo Bike Walk NC
Drive Safely Ride Safely: Riding Two Abreast

Why Cyclists Ride Two Abreast – Safety benefits of riding double-file from official-logo Bike Walk NC

Recognition of all Video PSA Volunteers

  • Andrea DeGette, CRHS Instructor
  • Dario Muller, CRHS
  • Cameron Chaney, CRHS
  • Madelyn Compton, CRHS
  • Rivers Andrews, CRHS
  • Alex Serna, CRHS
  • Luis Guiterrez, CRHS
  • Madison Crabill, CRHS
  • Jim Fink, Media Producer
  • Matt Hedt, Griphaus
  • Martin Brown, Cinematographer
  • Peter Theye, Drone Pilot
  • Kevin Hicks and the Spoke’n Revolutions
  • Lucas Paulson, CRHS V. Principal
  • John Rees, Bicycle Alliance CH
  • Ray Lovingood, cast
  • Mayor Tom Stevens, cast member
  • Commissioner Renee Price, cast member
  • Deputy Ricky Triplett, Orange Co., cast member
  • Dean Sutton, Tarwheels
  • Jim Heil, Tarwheels
  • Rose Gorely-Bemis, cast member
  • Ellie Hudspeth, cast member
  • OCS Engineering – loaned drone
  • James Cheek, drone pilot
  • Colleen Barclay, Carrboro Bicycle Coalition
  • Fire Chief Steve McCauley
  • Fire Capt. Bill Waddell
  • Lt. Chris Daniels, Orange Co.
  • Capt. Terrell Tripp, Orange Co.
  • Firefighter Ryan Givens
  • Firefighter Jane Waddell
  • David Laudicina, OUTBoard
  • Heidi Perry, OUTBoard
  • Alyson West, OUTBoard
  • Art Menius, OUTBoard
  • Peter Leousis, Cyclist
  • William King, CRHS
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