How to Pass a Bicyclist

How to Pass a Bicyclist Brochure

A motorist may not drive left of the center of
the highway to pass a vehicle, including a bicycle, in
these circumstances:

• Unless the left side is clearly visible and free of
oncoming traffic for a sufficient distance ahead
that the motorist can pass the bicyclist safely.
• On the crest of a hill or at a curve in the road
where the driver cannot see at least 500 feet
ahead. [§20-150(b)]
• At any railroad grade crossing or intersection,
unless directed to do so by a traffic control
officer. [§20-150(c)]
• Where the Department of Transportation has
placed signs or markers indicating that passing
should not be attempted. [§20-150(d)] and [(e)]

Following Too Closely
A motorist should not follow a bicycle more closely
than is reasonable and prudent, considering vehicle
speed, amount of traffic, and the road conditions.
Yielding to Bicyclists at Driveways or Alleys
The driver of a vehicle emerging from or entering an
alley, building entrance, private road, or driveway shall
yield the right-of-way to any bicyclist approaching
on a sidewalk or walkway extending across an alley,
building entrance, road, or driveway. [§20-173(c)]

From Guide to NC Bicycle & Pedestrian Laws

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