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Drive Safely Ride Safely was a project of Orange County government. The Bicycle Safety Task Force was a subcommittee of the Orange United Transportation Board (OUTBoard).

Members of the Bicycle Safety Task Force

Our Mission

The Board of County Commissioners approved a Resolution for the formation of a Bicycle Safety Task Force. The charge to the Task Force will include:

  1. Developing a campaign for bicycle safety education and research;
  2. Developing an implementation timetable with estimated funding request information within the first 5 meetings, and presenting it to the Orange Unified Transportation Board (OUTBoard) for review and recommendation, and review and approval by the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC);
  3. Developing an implementation report and presenting it to the OUTBoard for review and recommendation and the BOCC for review, approval, and funding commitment; and
  4. Following completion and approval of the report, requesting that the BOCC dissolve the Task Force and appoint a Bicycle Safety Subcommittee to oversee the ongoing implementation of the approved recommendations from the Task Force.

The Task Force will look at existing laws and best practices and will use a combination of existing and new materials to educate cyclists and motorists.

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